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Loan client: Pirince Ngoma

Type of education offered: Secondary vocational, secondary general, primary and kindergarten

Loan purpose: Purchase of technical equipment and construction material; classroom construction

Loan amount: USD 10,000

Financial institution: ProCredit Bank Congo

Location: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

After working as a teacher for several years, Pirince Ngoma felt motivated to make more of his skills, driven by the idea that by sharing his educational knowledge and teaching abilities he could make quality education available to children and youth in his country. Mr Ngoma therefore established his private school in 1989 in Kisenso, a municipality of Kinshasa. Kisenso is a low income and remote area, where over 90% of the working population is engaged in the informal sector. Today, Pirince Ngoma employs 59 staff members, of whom 42 are teachers. Since he first opened his school in 1989, the number of students has increased from 60 to 1350.

In the past, Mr Ngoma found that the fees alone were not enough to cover the cost of expanding the school facilities to meet the steadily rising demand. With the help of ProCredit Bank Congo and REFFA, he was able to purchase technical equipment for the vocational secondary classes as well as material for the construction of additional classrooms. Thanks to the financing, he feels that the quality of teaching at his school has improved tremendously.

As the institution continues to grow, he plans to apply for another loan from ProCredit Bank Congo, this time, to finance the purchase of more technical equipment and build additional classrooms.

Pirince Ngoma (54) was born and raised in Kinshasa, where he still lives and works, with his wife and eight children (aged 1 to 21 years). After studying at the University of Lubumbashi, he worked as a teacher for several years. Mr Ngoma’s school is currently the only one in the area and offers all educational levels, from kindergarten up to general secondary schooling. Additionally, the school provides a vocational secondary path which enables the students to learn a profession such as mechanic, electrician, tailor or secretary. Vocational trainings or classes at secondary schools are rather uncommon in DRC at present. Mr Ngoma is therefore one of the very few school owners in the country who have opted to provide both general and vocational classes, a decision he took in order to meet the growing demand for skilled labour in the Congolese economy. Per term, the parents of his students pay USD 65 to USD 120 for vocational secondary, USD 53 for secondary and USD 39 for primary classes.

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